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Surround Sound Music Demo (Dolby Digital 5.1) - YouTube 15.01.2015 · In this video, I've isolated the surround channel audio from a track off my Surround Sound Ear Candy app-album to help demonstrate exactly what is surround sound music. NOTE: YouTube audio is Free surround music download - 5.1 Dolby Digital I have created 5.1 mixes of some of my past tracks from various of my solo albums, and I have also created a surround music DVD called Soothe. My surround music DVD is mixed in Dolby Digital 5.1 and is playable on any standard home DVD player (special DVD-Audio player not required). 11 Best Surround Sound Music Discs - SURROUND SOUND MUSIC

•• Give the world a reason to dance ••. Subscribe On Youtube!. 174 Followers. Stream Tracks and Playlists from 5.1 Musik Channel on your desktop or mobile device. What are some recommended songs perfect for being played on a 5.1 Beck's Sea Change album has interesting and appropriate 5.1 mixes, including one song where the whole soundstage slowly rotates around the room in a very spacey way. Streaming - Surround Music of high resolution surround music Here are all the tracks that the artists on have approved for free streaming in lossless and mostly high resolution. Computer/laptops can stream and hopefully soon APP's on mobil devices too! Video streaming with 5.1 sound (click here) 5.1 audio streaming: Markus Reuter SURROUND-KNALLER die man einfach mal gehört haben muss!, Allgemein Ich sehe es auch nicht als etwas besonderes an , durchweg künstliche Musik oder Effekte in 5.1 abzumischen , bei handgemachter Musik in ganz bestimmten akustischen Situationen , ist der Schwierigkeitsgrad denke ich sehr viel höher , vernünftige Produktionen abzuliefern . Aber jedem das Seine Gruß Haiopai

Albums in 5.1 surround - The Namlook/Move D albums of the 5.1 era are more varied in quality, but there are some gems among them too, especially the Raumland trilogy and Space & Time. They're kinda samey and the surround sound isn't used as noticeably as on some other releases, but there are some nice sci-fi effects on those too. - SURROUND SOUND MUSIC SURROUND SOUND MUSIC A blog about everything related to surround sound music. Free surround sound music and more at! Must-Own Metal 5.1 Surround Sound Albums | Metal Insider

Contains 2 audio CDs plus a DVD-A with 5.1 Surround mix by Jakko Jacszyk. Contains 2 audio CDs plus a DVD-A with 5.1 Surround mix by Jakko Jacszyk. 13: 13. Genesis 1970 - 1975 (2008) [Compilation] For each of the 5 albums in this box, is a standard CD plus a corresponding 5.1 Surround DVD-A.

20 Albums That Deserve To Be In Surround Sound | Sound 6 Dec 2009 to be, among artists, the leading proponent of music in surround. Hounds of Love is a perfect candidate for 5.1 because it's an album of  High-resolution, surround music sets sound good for holiday 24 Dec 2018 Higher resolution, surround music sets make sound gifts for some on holiday The new remastered CDs sound more lively and richer than the older with high-resolution stereo and 5.1 surround versions of the 1968 classic  Surround Sound Music Demo (Dolby Digital 5.1) - YouTube

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